Attractions And Theme Park Management. What?

~ by Jasper Wilms

Is that a serious business? Can you get a job with that? These are common questions that I regularly receive when I tell about my study. Therefore, let it be clear, the industry of fun is a serious business!


My name is Jasper Wilms and I am a second year Attractions and Theme Park Management student. I chose the ATPM track since I have always been very interested in the industry, and after my first theme park visit I have never lost the industry out of sight. When I discovered that the NHTV offers an education program dedicated to the ATPM industry, and after speaking to current ATPM students, I immediately knew what I wanted to study.

The attractions and theme park industry, also called the industry of fun, is a serious business that consists of many elements. In contrast to the common thought, this industry is not only about Disney. All the visitor attractions such as zoos, waterparks and other day attractions are included when we speak about the industry of fun. The leisure industry keeps on growing and so is the attractions and theme park industry. Especially in the middle east, the number of theme parks and visitor attractions is increasing rapidly. This means that the industry is in need of young professionals, they are looking for you! ATPM is the only education program that is very closely connected to the field, and prepares you to become the attractions and theme park manager of the future.


During the ATPM track there are several projects and exams. The projects and exams are linked to topics such as: Marketing, HR & Leadership, Storytelling etc. Firstly, the projects will always be for a client directly from the field. Examples of clients are: Europapark, Toverland, Efteling, Duinrell and many more. Secondly, the entire track is provided in English since it is internationally focused, and the classes will consist of both national and international students. Another important phase of the ATPM track is the internship in the second semester of the second year. There is a variety of internship opportunities on offer, think about: Walt Disney World, Efteling, P&P Projects, Europapark, TAA group and many more companies linked to this industry. During this six month internship you will get the chance to broaden your network, develop yourself and gain new insights into this industry. Furthermore, throughout the year there are various interesting fieldtrips that will provide you with a different view on the ATPM industry.

It is not possible that after reading this blog you did not became enthusiastic about the ATPM track. Do you want to learn more about all the different management aspects from the ATPM industry? Are you creative and passionate about the industry? Do you want the opportunity to participate in the international college program of Disney. Have you always dreamed of creating magical experiences for visitors, then Attractions and Theme Park management is the education program for you! ATPM brings you closer to the industry and will welcome you in the huge network that is behind this industry of fun.

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