Presenting for the Commissioner: Change Management

After almost nine weeks of hard work it was time to present our findings to the commissioner. Beekse Bergen gave us, the third year Attractions and Theme Parks Management students, the opportunity to work on a major plan that will be implemented in the upcoming years: The Safari Resort. Imagine falling asleep in a luxurious tent and wake up in the morning by the roar of a lion, the real African safari experience. The class was divided into four groups which would all work on their specific department:

  • Food & Beverage and Merchandise
  • Education and Experience
  • Maintenance and Facility
  • Front office and Housekeeping

Though out the project the students worked closely with the departments. They held interviews with the employees and had a brainstorm session in the Safari Park.

And yesterday, the 21st of June,  in the Africa Club located in the Holiday Park with a beautiful lake side view it was finally time to present the findings.


All groups presented their findings which sometimes led to interesting discussions with the managers of the several departments. But these discussions showed that the students knew what they were talking about.

We are glad that we got the opportunity to work on this project. And this project was the last Attractions and Theme Parks Management project of the current third year students. In september they will start with their minor. But, as always, we will keep you updated!

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