Serious Fun? How I got into this Roller Coaster Madness

~ By Jessica Rijneveld

It is dream of many, but only 40 people a year, get the chance to be selected for the so called “ATPM” track. Also known as Attraction and Theme Park Management. Who does not want to work in themed or an attraction based environment ? It is one of the most popular sectors of the leisure industry and rapidly growing. Do you want to work in a fun environment and do serious business ? Then ATPM is simply the place to be ! But to be a part of this study program you have to be selected…


To be one of the 40, you have to take part in the ATPM selection procedure. This is where your ATPM journey starts. The selection procedure consist of 3 main rides you have to take, if you dare:
1. A motivational letter and resume
2. A selection interview
3. An English Language Exam

Ride 1

Firstly, it was required to write a convincing motivational letter. In this letter I described why I was so interested in this part of the leisure industry, as I had no experience working in a theme park and discovered the track only recently. Many students were already working in the Efteling or Toverland, but I was simply curious. Curious about the way I could use my creativity in marketing and sales within this industry. But, I was also curious about the way this sector is developing itself. It is more than just theme parks. This sector includes all kinds of visitor attractions, museums, zoo’s, malls and even events. On top of this, the program offers many international opportunities such as internships and fieldtrips. If you are just as curious or passionate, simply write your thoughts down, and you have your motivational letter ready.

On top of this letter, you are required to attach an attractive, but professional resume. I had made a resume before. However, this included a lot of unnecessary information, such as the fact that I graduated elementary school. Therefore, check your current resume and adjust it to the way the receiver would find it most useful. On top of this it is important to choose or create a layout that suits you as a person. When the ATPM experts look at your resume in a glimpse, they should remember it by the way it was layout and by the information that was provided. You should stand out in order to take the next ride.

Ride 2

After sending the e-mail with your motivational letter and resume attached, you are able to plan yourself in, to have a selection interview. Each interview will be held with two candidates and two ATPM experts. It is important to prepare yourself. Think about why you wrote certain motivations and what ATPM can offer you, but also what you could offer them. Even though you will be extremely nervous for this interview, try to stay calm and enjoy the ride.

Ride 3

Last, but not least, there is a English Language Exam where each candidate has to take part in. As for the other rides, you could prepare yourself and you knew what you could expect. This third ride however, it a lot different. Time and location were communicated, but other than that, nothing. There was absolutely no way you could prepare yourself for this exam. Of course you could revise the tenses or start reading an English book, but you have no idea what questions they would be asking. Even though I am keen on being prepared, at all times, this was a time to let go and believe in yourself. Everyone makes mistakes, just remember that you are already halfway the selection procedure.


After a few weeks of constant uncertainty an e-mail arrived. Titled as following “Welcome to the ATPM program”. For a moment I was scared they made a mistake and that as soon as I would open the mail, I would see a whole different message. Luckily this was not the case. From that day I could start this seriously, fun and international journey. This roller coaster madness filled with thrilling rides was definitely worth it. From now on, the only way is up !

Aren’t you eager to be a part of it ? If so, get in touch with Bart Stadhouders via

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