Presenting for the Commissioner: Change Management

After almost nine weeks of hard work it was time to present our findings to the commissioner. Beekse Bergen gave us, the third year Attractions and Theme Parks Management students, the opportunity to work on a major plan that will be implemented in the upcoming years: The Safari Resort. Imagine falling asleep in a luxurious tent and wake up in the morning by the roar of a … Continue reading Presenting for the Commissioner: Change Management

Introducing: Hans Rozemeijer

“My name is Hans Rozemeijer and I am a lecturer in the Attractions & Theme Parks Management track. The subjects I lecture in are Hospitality & Guestology, Operations Management and Change Management. I started my work for NHTV in 2014 at the Academy For Hotel & Facility management. With my background as  food and beverage manager, general manager and facility manager in several service organizations, it’s a … Continue reading Introducing: Hans Rozemeijer