Introducing: Hans Rozemeijer

“My name is Hans Rozemeijer and I am a lecturer in the Attractions & Theme Parks Management track. The subjects I lecture in are Hospitality & Guestology, Operations Management and Change Management. I started my work for NHTV in 2014 at the Academy For Hotel & Facility management. With my background as  food and beverage manager, general manager and facility manager in several service organizations, it’s a … Continue reading Introducing: Hans Rozemeijer

Year 2 Project 2: Rijksmuseum and hospitality

Hospitality is one of the core parts of the industry. Food & beverage is always present in theme parks and an increasing amount of parks is starting to build hotels or campsites. Besides that, hospitable behaviour towards guests is essential. This means that the employees should be kind and helpful , but also that the park should provide special facilities and adapt the service to … Continue reading Year 2 Project 2: Rijksmuseum and hospitality