Plog #2 • Dierenrijk

In today’s plog we have Dierenrijk. Me (Lana), my sister and Mandy visited this zoo during the autumn break. Dierenrijk is a relative new zoo (it opened in 2004) and focuses most on children. This zoo is located in Mierlo near Eindhoven and has around 60 different animal species. The zoo’s slogan is “De kinderdierentuin” (“the child zoo”) and this can be seen throughout the whole … Continue reading Plog #2 • Dierenrijk

Plog #1 • Bobbejaanland

Today we have something different, a plog. The word plog is a combination of photo and blog, which means less text but more photos. Our first plog will show you a fun Halloween day in Bobbejaanland, Belgium. These photos are taken by myself (Lana) and I visited Bobbejaanland with other third year students during the autumn break, 27 October 2016. Bobbejaanland is a theme park … Continue reading Plog #1 • Bobbejaanland