Operations Management: Toverland

Toverland, a mid-sized theme park in the South of the Netherlands, is our commissioner for the first project of this academic year. It celebrates its 15th birthday this year. The Magic Valley is the newest area, being introduced in 2013, which adds another dimension of magic to the park. The key attraction here is Djengu River, a water attraction seen regularly in other parks but … Continue reading Operations Management: Toverland

Project Year 3 Toverland: Operations Management

At the beginning of this academic year, the 3rd year students of Attractions and Theme Parks Management started off with a project on operations management. The commissioner for this project was Attractiepark Toverland (Sevenum, Noord-Limburg). Attractiepark Toverland was founded only 15 years ago and has already received multiple awards. The project consisted of giving Attractiepark Toverland more insights in how visitor flow and the operational … Continue reading Project Year 3 Toverland: Operations Management