Moment of truth, presenting for the commissioner

After weeks of doing research, analyzing data and developing a marketing & communications plan it was time to present our concept to Europa-Park. The park was represented by Henk Groenen, he is in charge of the marketing in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. After we’ve welcomed Mr. Groenen it was time for the presentation. Due to the confidentiality of this project we can’t go fully in-depth about the created concepts nor the ultimate goal of the commissioner.

The first presentation was focused on setting up an event for the Dutch visitors in Europa-Park. This could be similar to what Europa-Park is already doing for countries as France and Switzerland. Furthermore they were also aiming on a new target group which could be reached via vloggers.

The second presentation was focusing on combining a visit to the Alsace with a visit to Europa-Park. This could be achieved by setting up a website which offers accommodations in the Alsace. When people book a stay via this website they could immediately book their tickets for Europa-Park as well.

The third group wanted to reposition Europa-Park as a culinary hotspot in the South of Germany with a focus on the Belgium guests. They want to achieve this by offering culinary package which include dinners, wine tasting and many more culinary activities.

The fourth and final group is focused on search engine optimization and improving booking websites such as and They also saw opportunities in expanding the social media awareness by adding Snapchat to the communication channels.

The commissioner was happy with the outcome of the research and thought that the concepts were interesting. The students are going on a fieldtrip to Germany next week, they will present their findings to the marketing team of Europa-Park during this trip.

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