Steinwasen-Park, field trip part 2

This blog is the second blog about the field trip to Germany. One of the theme parks that we’ve visited during our field trip was Steinwasen-Park. The original plan was to write a few general articles about our field trip. However, this changed during the visit to Steinwasen-Park. There we decided to use one blog fully for this park.

The park is located in Oberried, a small village in the Black Forest area in the South of Germany. The park is opened in 1974 by Adolf Braun and is still a family owned park. Back in the day the park was mainly focused on animals. However, throughout the years the park has grown and offers now also attractions such as bobsled runs, a bobkart run (electrical bobsleds), a powered family coaster, an alpine coaster, a 4D cinema,a rapid river and much more. They still have their animal exhibits and you can see animals such as: reindeer, raccoons, the ibex and the lynx. Steinwasen-Park is what we call in the industry a hybrid, a park that offers both attractions and animal exhibits. They also have a nice restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating . There you can try the local cuisine while enjoying the nice view. They’re currently adding a large themed indoor play area.

The Attractions and Theme Parks Management students had a lot of fun in the park. After spending two days at Europa-Park this was sort of our “day-off”. The park has a relaxed and calm atmosphere   which matches with the beautiful surroundings. We recommend this park if  you visit the Black Forest.

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