Discover Holland

Holland has a rich history with theme parks, attractions and zoo’s. Breda Univerisity is close to the Efteling (the biggest theme park of the Netherlands) and the Beekse Bergen resort which has a zoo/safaripark, a safari resort & hotel and theme park. It a great country to study and live in. Find more information about Holland here

Breda as a city

Downtown Breda is bustling with pubs, outdoor terraces, restaurants, bars and clubs. You will also find many trendy shops and galleries. And as for sports and culture, you can see a football game in the NAC stadium. Or hop on your bike to one of the theatres and watch a film or a play.

A sparkling and historical city in the south of Holland with a cheerful personality? That’s Breda! Let its rich history and numerous present-day activities inspire you. Many students before you did so already.
Over the years Breda has grown into a city of around 180,000 inhabitants. The city’s charming historical centre is easy to find your way around and very pleasant to spend time in. Talk with the ‘Bredanaars’, let all the impressions move you and discover the true character of the city!