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If you can dream it…

The European attractions and theme park industry is rapidly growing and changing. The proliferation of choice in the leisure market, the integration of culture, arts, entertainment and retail, leads to more competition between visitor attractions (theme parks, zoos, museums, experience centres, water parks) with other suppliers of entertainment. Such hyper-competition puts pressure on attractions and theme parks to differentiate themselves. More than ever, the attractions industry will be driven by a need to supply consumers with unique, differentiated worlds of experiences. Zoo’s have another challenge in creating sustainable meaningful experiences in balance with conservation- & educational goals and ethics.

Business innovation will be a key to success. Future innovators need to fully comprehend the market, understand the attraction management model, business and operational processes in order to develop new content, products and services. There is a strong demand for a new generation of attraction managers who are able to create successful concepts (concept design) from a business perspective (business design).

Creative leadership is another highly demanded characteristic of an attraction manager. Therefor we have a strong focus on professional development in relation to guest experiences, guest services and leading teams in a service orientated industry. You will explore different issues and challenges facing guests and people in the industry. You will learn how to apply critical leadership skills such as communication, decision-making, consensus-building, networking, ethics and negotiation.

Career opportunities

  • Operations manager
  • Commercial manager
  • Front-office manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Event manager
  • Sales manager
  • Retail & Merchandise manager