A professional fun fair

~ By Lisanne Zimmerman van Woesik


What is going to be the next big thing? That is the question that most of visitors at the Euro Attraction Show (abbreviated to EAS) will have. Whether you are there as the CEO of a theme park looking for a new attraction or a student, like me, looking for new opportunities and an insight into the attractions and theme parks industry, the EAS caters to all. It is one of the biggest business events in the industry but, to be quite frank, it is basically just a big fun fair. From a looping bike to a horror VR-experience (that I prefer not to speak of ever again), at the EAS you will find attractions old and new. You can gather information about the newest trends and you will be able to buy old classics. There are seminars to learn from, press events to see and forums to join. All in all, the EAS is pretty amazing and one day sure is not going to be enough.

From a compliment to a connection

There is one moment that I will never forget and shows just how important the EAS can be. My friends and I were on our way to Proslide to visit their super original booth. Proslide designs and makes waterslides and has a very impressive portfolio. As I stood there, admiring the booth, one of its employees walked over. My friend congratulated him on their beautiful booth and, after thanking us, he very casually explained that he actually was the CEO. He explained how he, once a professional ski racer, got into the business. After a while a client came and he had to leave so I ended the conversation with one last question: “Do you have any internship possibilities?”. They most certainly did and we exchanged business cards before he ran off to the client. This is a perfect example of how the EAS is absolutely beneficial to your career in the industry. With just a short conversation I have connected with the CEO of a very big company, I have gotten my name out there and I have a new internship option.


Why you should visit

The EAS is one of the three biggest expositions in the year. Together with Orlando’s IAAPA

Expo and the Asian Attraction Show, the expositions are able to connect everyone in the industry. At this year’s EAS in Amsterdam nearly 600 companies are exhibiting their products. It is very unique to see all of these professionals together and be able to meet and learn from them all. There are thousands of things to try out, eat and play and it is truly the best way to get to know the business. Especially as a first year ATPM student, the EAS is a great way to experience the immensity of the industry. It is also a great way to see just how big the industry is and you will not understand until you walk across the show floor. There you will see companies you never knew was a need for and meet people you never knew where important.


Still not convinced? Here are some of the reasons why I believe the EAS is an amazing way to support your future career:

  • New connections
  • New trends
  • New technologies
  • Try attractions
  • Try new food and drinks
  • Interesting seminars
  • Interactive forums
  • And so much more…

Years to come

Stepping into the RAI this year has been one of the best moments of the ATPM programme so far. Having the opportunity to meet all of these amazing people was absolutely incredible and I am not even sure that these words actually describe how it felt. Next year the EAS will be in Paris and I strongly urge you to visit. I know that I will do my very best to be there next year. To be quite honest, I am probably going to visit the next Euro Attraction Shows for the years to come. And maybe, far along the line, I’ll be there as an investor looking for that ‘next big thing’.

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