Bachelor of Arts?

How is art connect to this management track? Is it is in any way related to the ‘classic’ meaning of art? Painting, writing, acting… Perhaps not these specific forms, but it depends on the students themselves. Presentations with mood boards, creative storytelling to explain concepts, and much more. Projects stand out and the commissioner often appreciates the creativity.

In (International) Leisure Management, the studies the majority of us chose, the actual course Imagineering is given in which you earn points for creativity. Implementation of a plan is less important here. However, with the exception of Financial Management in the first year, every single project contains some kind of concept development. This is continued in the second, third and fourth year. The difference is that the emphasis is more on a specific course. In Operational Management, for instance, the implementation and the newly designed processes are more important than the actual idea.

Last year, the commission has decided to change the title we receive at the end of the road from Bachelor of Science to Bachelor of Arts.To answer the first question: yes, the track requires some creativity. However, other talents can be expressed too such as report writing, researching and many more. Again, serious fun applies very much to the content. If you are interested in the creative side of the track, please join the Theme Park Talent contest! Here, you get the chance to share your unique theme park ideas. Or maybe consider joining the track and start developing concepts in relation to marketing, finance, hospitality and more!

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