Project 5: Revenue & Financial Management

Project 5 is all about financing. As a manager, it is essential to understand financial statements and to be able to calculate in order to have a proper view on how your business is developing. When is your break-even point? How would cash be generated in the next 10 years and how would that influence your investments? These questions need to be answered to enable safe continuity and to prepare for possible large investments. Our lecturers are Joyce Krielen and Janine Wynia, who are also coaches for the project.

A modest amount of imagination is required for this assignment, as a Virtual Reality experience is to be designed.This could be anything. From the simplest form to the most complex combination of leisure activities, as long as it’s feasible. Creativity is appreciated, yet not a must. It is quite a challenge to find the costs via desk research, as not all is communicated online or in books.

The project contains three parts: the technical feasibility, the market feasibility and the financial feasibility. In that order: the detailed concept, the demand-related market and the costs of the concept based on the findings of the other chapters. This allows us to practice with Imagineering, Operational Management, Financial Management and Marketing all at once. Finally, we will all present our results to the lecturers.


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