Year 2: Project 1 – The Feasibility Study

Phantasialand, CentrO, Lego Discovery Center…. An interesting introduction to the industry and track. The next week it was already back to work and start on our project! No commissioner for this project, since we created our own park. The assignment had a few requirements. The park had to be located in one of the selected countries in Europe and it should be feasible. Conducting a feasibility study meant benchmarking with competitors, analysing the target group and the area. Information was obtained from The Global Theme Park Industry by S. A. Clavé and lectures given by Klaus Hoven, who was also a supervisor together with Goof Lukken. I enjoyed brainstorming with my group about the concept. We choose France and our product was a dining experience in Paris. In the end, all groups had very different concepts: from the deepest indoor diving pool to a park themed after climates with matching activities.

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