Why did I choose ATPM? Pt. 2

~ By Anne Korteweg

To be honest, I feel like a study veteran. I first studied international communication and media for a year and then tried out psychology. However after two months of psychology I really wanted something else (and I’ll admit, it might have been too hard). I took a gap year, traveled for months, and started to look into other studies again. I was not going to become someone who after 10 years starts in her first year of university again. No, thank you. I needed to find something that I was definitely going to finish. That I could put my mind on for one hundred percent. So when my friend told me about her study, I was sold. She told me about this study program where you would learn about theme parks, attractions, and everything that has to do with it. About a study that would take you to theme parks for assignments, and to Berlin for the European Attraction Show of 2017 where you would have the opportunity to meet professionals from all over the world. A study that is international and taught in English, where you would even receive guest lectures from professionals all over the world. A study where almost all assignments you make are for a real client in the industry.

eas1 kopie

I could not discover any disadvantage!

Well, as you can hopefully understand I was sold immediately. To be honest, for a long time I was doubting because it all seemed a little too good to be true. A study where you would be able to go to theme parks? For free? Let’s be honest, that’s amazing. But also when I found out more about the industry itself, it seemed like a really interesting environment to work in. It is developing extremely fast, and this is a really interesting time to step in because of all the new trends and developments that are happening at theme parks and other visitor attractions. There are so many opportunities to grow in this industry that it’s not too good to be true. It’s just amazing.

Also, this school gives you so many opportunities to network that stepping in the industry is even easier. The teachers come from the field as well so they have a lot to tell based on real experience, not just from the books. And not only just classes about the industry, but also classes that can help you in your professional career like English and Professional Development and Leadership.

Even though everyone says that you should not pick a study because of its internship, the ones you can do here are pretty amazing. Getting to live every kids dream (and still my dream) to work at a theme park. And it can be anywhere, from the Efteling to Disney in Orlando. Who doesn’t want to live in Orlando minutes away from Disney, really? But there are also amazing opportunities in Curacao, Qatar, The Philippines and many more. Basically everywhere.

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People always kind off laugh when I say I am studying attractions and theme park management. It is probably because it sounds too much like a dream that will leave you with no job. Boy are they wrong. It sure is a dream, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to be professionals in the industry. Dreams do come true, and they are now closer than ever. If I only knew about this program before I made my choice to study something else, this would have definitely been my first choice. So why did I choose ATPM? The question should be, why shouldn’t I?

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