Fieldtrip Duinrell

Duinrell, daar kikker je van op!

On the 18th of March, 35 NHTV students were welcomed by Yannick Dolman and Ivan Koole at Duinrell in Wassenaar. The group consisted of first year students Leisure Management and third year ATPM students. Yannick and Ivan both studied at NHTV and did a specialization in Attractions & Theme Parks Management and are now working for the family owned holiday park and attraction park Duinrell. Duinrell is founded in 1935 and attracts approximately 1.4 million visitors per year. The famous Tikibad is still their key attraction but in recent years investments are done in the rest of the park as well resulting in new rollercoasters (Falcon and Dragonfly) and this Spring a new sky fly attraction will open (Wild Wings).

The fieldtrip started with a warm welcome by Yannick and Ivan in Duinrell Plaza and first a interactive quiz was done to test the knowledge about Duinrell. After the quiz, a company presentation was given on the history of the park, the importance of the bungalows (or duingalows) and other overnight stay possibilities and the key values of the company. Then, it was time to take a tour with the Duinrell train to see the entire property. With a short stop at the Tikibad to have a look backstage, the tour ended and the students were welcome to stay and go for a swim.

We would like to thank our alumni Yannick Dolman and Ivan Koole for organizing this fieldtrip. We enjoyed it very much!

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