Year 2 Project 2: Rijksmuseum and hospitality

Hospitality is one of the core parts of the industry. Food & beverage is always present in theme parks and an increasing amount of parks is starting to build hotels or campsites. Besides that, hospitable behaviour towards guests is essential. This means that the employees should be kind and helpful , but also that the park should provide special facilities and adapt the service to the needs of individuals. To gain more knowledge about this, the second project of Attractions & Theme Park Management revolved around hospitality.

For this project Marcel Bultink and Hans Rozemeijer were the lecturers and supervisors. After studying the subject more closely for the first two weeks it was time to individually visit the commissioner. A checklist was made by each group beforehand to rate Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam on hospitality. The average of the number of pages must have been around thirty, because all parts had to be re-evaluated again on all subjects. Personally, I spent a couple of hours discovering the museum and going through all of these pages. Several steps were taken afterwards. Conducting internal research, interpreting the outcomes of the mystery guest visit, making recommendations. In the end, all groups thought of a new concept and innovative improvements for better hospitality in every area of the museum. On the 16th Of November the concepts were presented to two representatives of the company.

This project was more profound than the last one, as it focused on hospitality specifically instead of the industry in general. The lectures gave me more knowledge about what hospitality is, which leisure products provide hospitality, the meaning of good hospitality and how the hospitality at a company can be improved. I think this has been particularly useful for the internship, as you learn the points of attention in behaviour, personal care and service.The things that you might not be aware of as a guest can have an effect on your experience anyway, which I found out during my mystery visit. This effect becomes more clear after you rate a certain subject, as I have found out that the cleanliness of the environment changed my perception of the company positively.

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