Looking back, The Disney Internship

For me, doing my internship at the Walt Disney World Resort was a dream come true. The combination of living in the States, following collegiate courses and working in one of the four Disney theme parks made it to a once in a lifetime experience. The second years just started their program and I want to show you how it was for me, one year ago.

You start with a long flight to the United States of America, Amsterdam – New York and from New York to Orlando.

We arrived a couple days prior to our check-in at one of the Disney housing complexes. This gave us the opportunity visit Universal Studios!

1e maand 599

On the 20th of January it was time to check-in at Vista Way Apartments. Not everyone would stay at Vista Way, you could also stay at The Commons, Chatham Square and Patterson Court.

1e maand 637

And then it’s time to create a new home for the next six months…

1e maand 648

Welcome home!

By Joey Mulders



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