Project Year 3 Toverland: Operations Management

At the beginning of this academic year, the 3rd year students of Attractions and Theme Parks Management started off with a project on operations management. The commissioner for this project was Attractiepark Toverland (Sevenum, Noord-Limburg). Attractiepark Toverland was founded only 15 years ago and has already received multiple awards.

The project consisted of giving Attractiepark Toverland more insights in how visitor flow and the operational processes were arranged in different parts of the park. Each project team had a part of the park with each 1 food and beverage outlet, 1 merchandise outlet and 1 attraction. In this way, the project groups could focus more on the different processes of each part instead of the theme park as a whole.

Every week the project groups had the opportunity to visit the theme park and do different kinds of observations to get more insight in the operational processes. There were many possibilities for interviews with employees and managers. In that way the processes could be adjusted or changed for the better for Attractiepark Toverland.

After 9 weeks of observing and putting the final document together it was time for the final presentation in which the findings and recommendations to the management team of Attractiepark Toverland were presented. A short presentation of 10 minutes should be enough to show the management team of what 3rd year students are capable of.

After all the presentations were done, the management team was surprised with the findings and of course the solutions the students had for the operational problems they discovered during the observations. What is more amazing than getting the opportunity to obtain all the information and insights of a theme park for an Attractions and Theme Parks Management student?

Special thanks to Attractiepark Toverland for giving the students this amazing opportunity.

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