Plog #1 • Bobbejaanland

Today we have something different, a plog. The word plog is a combination of photo and blog, which means less text but more photos. Our first plog will show you a fun Halloween day in Bobbejaanland, Belgium.

These photos are taken by myself (Lana) and I visited Bobbejaanland with other third year students during the autumn break, 27 October 2016.


Bobbejaanland is a theme park created by Bobbejaan Schoepen on 31 December 1961 in Belgium. From the 15th of October till the 6th of November Bobbejaanland is dressed in Halloween style with pumpkins, scare zones and scare houses.



Bobbejaanland is designed as a loop. You enter the park and choose left or right and follow the path until you made it around the lake. This makes it easy to understand when it is your first time visiting the park. Bobbejaanland charges €2,00 for a park plan but you can also find big park plan boards scattered in the park.


We started with the most thrilling rollercoaster they have, Typhoon. This rollercoaster has a lift that goes up vertically and when you go down it has a 97 degrees curved drop. Furthermore, this rollercoaster has 4 inversions and is executed by ‘Gerstlauer’.


During the Halloween period they offer scare houses for their guests, free of charge when you buy a park ticket. I am not the biggest lover of these houses and would rather go 10 times in a coaster. However, we tried 2 of their houses and I sort of liked them more than expected. Most of the houses were for guests 16 years or older although I think they are less frightening than other scare houses in the theme park industry.


The park also added two scare zones, ‘Haunted Woods’ and ‘Wicked West’. During the day they had 4-5 scare actors walking around to entertain but mostly to scare guests. I think the daylight saved a lot of weak hearts because you could see them coming after you.


When we entered the attraction ‘The Forbidden Caves’ we spotted this unusual sign. However, how many times do you see guests sitting on the chains or are you one of them?


We needed a little break! Fries and burgers are always a good idea during a fun day in a theme park. This particular stand had ‘Forbidden Caves’ themed fries boxes.


The reason we wanted to visit Bobbejaanland was their new experience with VR, Virtual Reality. ‘Mount Mara’ is a VR experience, powered by Samsung, inside an already existed attraction named ‘Revolution’, which is executed by ‘Vekoma’. This VR experience brings you from inside a volcano to the top and down the volcano on high speed. It is a fun addition to the existing attraction.


We needed some energy and what better way to get dizzy in the ‘Dizz’. Warning! This crazy spinning rollercoaster is not made for guests with a height of 1.95 meters. We experienced that problem ourselves and had to be creative with “leg folding”.


New this year was ‘The Bug Escape’, a family friendly maze with obstacles. When you bumped into an obstacle there was a puzzle/riddle/question you needed to solve. The answer was your key to unlock the obstacle. For us, 20+ years old, it was to easy and after 10 minutes we escaped the maze.


Let me end this plog with a photo of me trapped in a pillory. We had a great time at Bobbejaanland and we hope they keep up the good work with more themed attractions and innovations.

We hope you liked this style of blogging and hopefully we will see you at our next plog.


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