Introducing: Maaike van de Sande

“My name is Maaike van de Sande and I teach English to all Attractions & Theme Parks Management students. I first came to NHTV in 2009 and after a short break of 2 years came back last year. I initially applied to NHTV to switch from secondary to higher education. I came back to NHTV because I enjoyed the working environment. e6fd0daa3c2785aed84b0c5cb1f79f0e

Within the ATPM course I am the English language expert. Since the track is 100% in English and the ATPM industry is an international one, good English communication skills are especially valuable. The English lessons focus on a combination of written and spoken skills in different situations that you might encounter in a professional working environment within the ATPM industry.

I joined the ATPM team, because they needed an English teacher! Just joking. I joined the ATPM programme because one colleague decided to no longer participate in the programme. I had just come back to NHTV and was asked immediately whether I wanted to participate.

The aim for English is to not make it a standalone side subject, but to try and practice skills that are linked to the projects and the future industry as much as possible. From presentations and reports, to conducting job interviews and writing business proposals. We go over the most important managerial skills, always with an ATPM twist.

How I see the future for the ATPM students and the industry? If you are motivated and are good at networking, then I think the future is a bright one. Just having a passion for the industry is not enough, but with a goal-oriented approach, so much is possible. The trends and developments I find the most interesting are the implementation of virtual reality and artificial intelligence elements. Also the development of more and stronger IPs in the Theme Park industry is one to watch.”

Today was the last English class for the third year Attractions & Theme Parks Management students. They will miss Maaike very much!

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