ATPM on Tour: Pairi Daiza

ATPM on Tour continues. After hearing and reading wonderful reviews about Pairi Daiza I thought it was time to visit the park. Pairi Daiza is a zoo located in the South of Belgium. The zoo offers eight themed areas which each hosts animals specific for that area. They open new- and are improving older exhibits every year. The zoo is expanding rapidly with 635.000 in 2007 till 1,767 million visitors in 2015. This year the park became international news with the birth of panda Baby P.

The zoo is divided in eight, French named, areas: Porte du Ciel, Porte des Profondeurs, Cité des Immortels, Terre des Origines, Royaume de Ganesha, Lagune, Vallée de la Source, Terre du Froid.

The first area, La Porte du Ciel, is the center of the world and is mainly focused on birds. This area has large aviaries and has a bird of prey show with the impressive backdrop of the church, nave and the abbey towers. The second area, La Porte des Profondeurs, offers a beautiful view of the creatures in the sea. The third area, La Cité des Immortels, shows the beauty of China’s wildlife. Red pandas and the famous Giant Pandas are the key players in this area. The fourth area is La Terre des Origines which shows the majestic Big Five and many other signature animals. Le Royaume de Ganesha discover the scenic views of South-East Asia. Asian Elephants, Porcupines and rice fields will give you the feeling of old Asia. La Lagune, offers a large variety of animals. Discover the outback and see koalas and kangaroos, or explore the Mersus Emergo and see many reptiles such as: turtles, lizards, snakes and iguanas. La Vallée de la Source, see raptors such as owls and eagles  in their true beauty. And finally La Terre du Froid, the first part of this area is opened this year. This area will be inspired on countries such as Siberia, Lapland and Canada.

In my opinion this is, for sure, the best zoo in Europe. If you don’t believe me, check it out yourself!








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