ATPM: The Selection Process

On this website, the experiences from the Attractions & Theme Parks Management students are discussed. As are the changes in the attractions and theme parks industry. But how do you get in this special track? Let’s go over the 3 different components.

1. Motivational letter

The first step is letting know you are interested in the Attractions & Theme Parks track. Show your passion for the industry, what you would like to learn during this track and what you could bring to the table.

2. Interview

After handing in the motivational letter, you will be invited to an interview with the lecturers of Attractions & Theme Parks Management. They will ask you more in-depth questions about your motivation and what you have already done in the industry. It doesn’t matter if you currently don’t work at a theme park or zoo. As long as you are passionate about the industry, you will be fine.

3. English test

Then it is time for the last step: the English test. As Attractions & Theme Parks Management is a study that acquires a certain level of English, you will be tested online. These tests will take place at the NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda.

Please keep in mind that you first have to be registered in International Leisure Management, Tourism Management or Hotel & Facility Management within the NHTV University of Applied Sciences. Also, if you have had your propaedeutic diploma in another relevant study in any other university, it is possible to show your interest in Attractions & Theme Parks Management. It is also possible to do the fast-track, but this is only possible for students who completed their pre-university education (vwo).

We hope to see your motivational letter next year!

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