Serious Fun? How I got into this Roller Coaster Madness

~ By Jessica Rijneveld It is dream of many, but only 40 people a year, get the chance to be selected for the so called “ATPM” track. Also known as Attraction and Theme Park Management. Who does not want to work in themed or an attraction based environment ? It is one of the most popular sectors of the leisure industry and rapidly growing. Do … Continue reading Serious Fun? How I got into this Roller Coaster Madness

Minor selection

The third year Attractions & Theme Parks Management students have had a difficult moment: choosing a minor for the fourth (and final) year. For them, Attractions & Theme Parks Management has almost come to an end. Storytelling and Consumer Behavior This minor is organized by one of the three knowledge groups of Academy for Leisure: storytelling and consumer experiences. This knowledge group is active in … Continue reading Minor selection

ATPM: The Selection Process

On this website, the experiences from the Attractions & Theme Parks Management students are discussed. As are the changes in the attractions and theme parks industry. But how do you get in this special track? Let’s go over the 3 different components. 1. Motivational letter The first step is letting know you are interested in the Attractions & Theme Parks track. Show your passion for … Continue reading ATPM: The Selection Process