Introducing: Hans Rozemeijer

“My name is Hans Rozemeijer and I am a lecturer in the Attractions & Theme Parks Management track. The subjects I lecture in are Hospitality & Guestology, Operations Management and Change Management. I started my work for NHTV in 2014 at the Academy For Hotel & Facility management. With my background as  food and beverage manager, general manager and facility manager in several service organizations, it’s a challenge to teach and coach  young adults who have a dream to become a (leading) professional in  the service industry and watch them when they grow during their years in our university.


The courses in Attractions & Theme Parks Management are challenging and functional. They are always  close connected to “real life”, because  companies in the industry are willing to open their doors for our students. The high aim to apply theory almost “real time” in practice forces students to do a lot of study on themselves. Those wo are able to do this, get the most out of it and it’s a pleasure to see them develop themselves as  self starting professionals.

It’s so obvious  that hospitality and operations management are key to any good manager in this industry. It’s all about  creating  experiences,  where guest find themselves acknowledged as THE people for whom we are doing it and why we like our job.  Make them feel they are welcome and show we like it, will give their visit  the extra spark. And if you’re able to organize this safe, effective and efficient because of what you have learned  about operations management, you have it all to become a highly valued man or woman by those you work with.

In my opinion the  future for Attractions & Theme Parks Management students looks good! People with their skills and competencies can be successful in a wide range of companies  in the experience industry. Because they are trained with an international  mindset, flexible and with many skills, they can develop into a specialization if needed. Since this industry is growing worldwide, I believe those who are willing to work hard and smart, have excellent opportunities.

Especially in Eastern Europe, South America and South East Asia the theme park industry will grow. Furthermore I expect more and more hotels and museums in Europe and the USA will embrace storytelling and theming as a way to distinguish and profiling themselves. I expect continuous blurring and mixing, and of course 4D attractions will be the major trend for new attractions. On the other hand I expect a revival of smaller parks with a regional function that are able to offer high quality  leisure offer in the basics of “playing with(in) nature” ”

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