Study trip year 3: part 3

After visiting Steinwasen Park, the 3rd year students went to Badeparadies Schwarzwald in the afternoon. This swimming pool was a paradise on earth. The swimming pool exists of 3 parts: Galaxy, Palmenoase and Wellness. Galaxy is for children with water slides and a big swimming pool where you can play. In the Palmenoase it is more quiet. Children aren’t allowed in this part. It is a place to relax and have a drink. This swimming pool is in an environment that contains palm trees and other nice plants and a pool bar. Tip from the students: they have good cocktails! In the Wellness part, there are saunas and a real place to relax and renew yourself. The students had a short presentation about the Badeparadies and its swimming pools and after that, they could enjoy themselves and relax in all 3 swimming pools.

The next day, the students had the opportunity to go to France, to the Alsace area. In the morning, the bus left and crossed the border. When arriving at Colmar, the weather was nice and it was holiday-like. After a tour about the architectural highlights of the city, the students had time off to spend in the city. In the evening, the final group dinner was arranged at a nice restaurant.


Then it was time for the last day already. The bus was leaving very early in the morning, so the students would be at the last stop in time. Tripsdrill was this last stop. This midsized theme park and resort is built around myths and legends that come from the region. But before visiting the theme park, the students visited the nature park and the new accommodations of Tripsdrill. Tree houses, aren’t that the things that everyone ever wanted to live in? Well, that is what Tripsdrill also thought when building these accommodations. The cozy accommodations are all built individually and have their own special look. As no tree trunk is the same, those accommodations all looked different. After a tour around the nature park, it was time to go to the theme park. It was clear to see that the theming wasn’t like other parks. The local legends and myths were very clearly shown in the park. This makes this park different than other parks. The afternoon was spent in the park, and then it was time for one last picture together with the class:

Schermafbeelding 2016-04-26 om 09.03.45

(Photo: @enyaceleste)

Then it was time to close off this study trip and it is almost time to close off Attractions & Theme Parks Management for the 3rd year students. On Monday, they have started their final project already and then it is time to graduate. But they already look back with a smile to this trip and the time they have spent together for 2 years already.

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