Project Slagharen: a lot of numbers and one concept

How do you finance a theme park? And what is revenue management all about? The 3rd year Attractions & Theme Parks Management students started their 5th project in November of 2015 in cooperation with Attractie- en Vakantiepark Slagharen.

The definition of the project was simple: create a new concept for an already existing hall and try to convince the commissioner by financial statements why they should invest in your concept. Attractie- en Vakantiepark Slagharen was the commissioner to set this goal for the next 9 weeks.

To get a good look into the soon to be new hall, Attractie- en Vakantiepark Slagharen invited the third year students to come and see the hall and the evening’s entertainment to get inspired for a new concept. And to top this all off, the students were also invited to stay overnight and visit the new water park Aqua Mexicana the next day.

To get in touch with the financial part of the project, a lot of lectures, seminars and workshops were given to give the students all that they needed to convince Attractie- en Vakantiepark Slagharen with their final report and final presentation. A lot of students scratched their heads many times and dove into the world of finance and revenue management.

After 9 weeks and an Excel sheet that had never been created like this before, the students had the opportunity to present their concept and above all their financial statements to the director of Attractie- en Vakantiepark Slagharen, Wouter Dekkers. He had his professional remarks, but was also impressed with some of the presentations. He even offered places for graduation at his company.

Now it’s time for the students to let their minds at ease for a few weeks and get a good rest before starting the new project: Marketing.

Do you want to know what Wouter Dekkers, director of Attractie- en Vakantiepark Slagharen, thought about the project and the cooperation with NHTV Breda? Check out the video in the previous blog post here.

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