Special class: Happy Station

On Monday, things were a little different than the usual Professional Development & Leadership classes for the 3rd year Attractions & Theme Parks Management students. The class was at the train station of Breda. After discussing what we were doing that day, which was learning about the Business Concept Model, Bart had a little surprise for us. We were going to visit the Happy Station.

The Happy Station is a non-profit organization that is located in Breda. The organization wants to share happiness. That is why they have a pop-up exhibition at Breda Central Station that contains Playmobil scenes. Fans and collectors of Playmobil can display their collection of Playmobil for other enthusiasts and curious passers-by.

Of course, to keep the business going, donations are more than welcome. And that is where the PDL assignment came in: to think of a new concept to get more donations for the organization. To get to a good model, the Business Concept Model had to be filled in.

7 groups gave a short pitch on what they had come up with, and eventually 1 group was chosen: to have an online funding website where fans and other generous people can donate money. To thank the group for their great idea, they had a small present from the organization: a little Playmobil doll. A creative lecture for a creative organization: that is what Attractions & Theme Parks Management all about.

Want to know more about Happy Station, click here to go to their Facebook page.

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