Study trip year 3: part 1

Last week, the 3rd year Attractions & Theme Parks Management students went on their study trip to Germany. After finishing the project for Europa-Park, it was time to stay at the Camp Resort of this beautiful park in Rust.

On Sunday the class left with a VIP bus from the NHTV to their first stop: Holiday Park. The marketing manager welcomed the class to the park and after a short tour, it was time for a presentation about the marketing of Holiday Park and Plopsa/Studio 100. Plopsa/Studio 100 owns the park. This presentation focused most on the marketing department of each aspect that Studio 100 has to offer. After this presentation, the class was sent to the park to explore all its attractions. There was a little surprise after that as well: Holiday Park offered a dinner meal for all the students.

After the dinner, it was time to go to the bus again to eventually arrive in the Camp Resort of Europa-Park. At night, there were some cosy conversations at the camp fire. The next day, it was time to visit Europa-Park. The first thing that was on the planning was the language course. During this year, the student had to choose a language course in German or French, so in Europa-Park the students had to fill in questions about the park in the language that they chose. After the presentations of the answers, it was time for some time off in the park. Finally, the students were let go and free like animals in the wild. At the end of the day, there was a backstage tour at the attractions of Europa-Park. It was cool to hear how everything worked, from the attractions to the different events that are organized in the park.

The next day, in the morning, the class had time off again to explore Europa-Park. As the students had to do a project for Marketing, there was an opportunity to present the ideas and the communications plan to the marketing team of Europa-Park. The marketing team found some very interesting information in the research that was done by the students and liked the ideas that the students had for the marketing department. All in all: it was a successful project!

The trip isn’t over yet, the second part of the field trip will be post in the upcomming days.

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